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Principal's Message


As the New Academic Session 2023-2024, draws to a close, I warmly express my personal gratitude and appreciation to all the parents, well-wishers, teachers and students of our school. I am proud to be the principal of such a dynamic school and to work in the unique and beautiful town of Jamshedpur.

Our school 's purpose has been to educate the children of this city, by offering our pupils a comprehensive education from Nursery & L.K.G to Std.12, to take their dignified place as leaders in the global community.

 We believe that students, parents, and teachers all play a vital role in helping students reach their greatest potential. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to them including the library, computer labs, school clubs, athletic opportunities and student 's council.

 Ultimately, each student will gain from their life at school according to the effort they put in. A student who is taught discipline will learn the power of self-control. The parents and school authorities together can instill proper discipline and basic values in the children while preparing them academically for their future. Respect for one 's elders, especially the teachers and a commitment to discipline are engraved in Indian culture.

 We continually improve the tools of communication, giving our parents access to SMS and website facilities where they can get information about the school and their children 's academic achievement. You are encouraged to regularly check our website and read about our exciting academic and co-curricular activities.

Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a parent, you want the best for your child and we are proud to be working with you to ensure that they are given the right knowledge to face future challenges.

 Here at St. Mary's we strive to create an atmosphere of reverence for education. In order to do this, the parents and the school authorities must work together. It is compulsory for the parents to attend the Parents - Teachers Meetings. The students feel encouraged when their parents attend P.T. Meetings and school events like Annual Sports and Prize Nights.

 Here are a few reminders as we begin the New Academic Session.

1. The students are expected to be punctual at all times. The school gates will be closed as soon as the Assembly starts. The school is not responsible for late - comers who wait outside the school gates. Late - comers have to go home.

2. Students have to be neatly and decently dressed in the proper school uniform. Girls should have two plaits and boys should have a proper haircut. Short skirts and low waist narrow trousers are not allowed. Make up and mehendi are strictly prohibited.

3. To promote environmental awareness, polythene bags, junk food poly packs and cold drink bottles are not allowed. Please ensure that your child carries his/her food and water in a proper tiffin - box and water bottle.

4. Parents are required to prepare home cooked food and not pack readymade junk food as tiffin. Parents will not be allowed to drop off the tiffin during the school hours. Your child is capable enough of carrying his/her own tiffin.

5. All Project related work, should be submitted on time by the students. Parents are advised to remind the students to submit their projects on time. Students are not allowed to phone from the school to ask their parents to drop off the school work.

6. Using slang language, fighting and misbehavior within the school will incur strict disciplinary action. Respect for the school property, teachers, sub staff and fellow students is required from a well brought up child. Un-deposited phones found during class hours will be discarded without any inquiry.

7. Use of cell phones, any type of electronic hardware and two - wheelers is strictly prohibited. Phones if brought for any emergency to be deposited in the office before the class begin and to be collected after the class hours.

8. Parents are allowed to meet the Principal/Vice Principal between 8:30 am to 9:30 am on working days only. Meetings with teachers are allowed with a prior appointment by the teacher concerned.

9. Due to the salary revision of the teachers, the school fees will be raised nominally with prior notice.

10. The school fees have to be paid ONLINE or at the counters in the Senior Block campus from the 9th to 19th of every month.
11. All dues have to be cleared at the end of every Academic session. Please do not wait for the last date to pay the school fees.

12. Library books have to be returned intact and on time. All projects have to be submitted on or before the dates given by the respective teachers. Defaulters will not be allowed to answer the term end exams. Lastly, at St. Mary's we create an atmosphere which will evolve a theme - Every day brings new choices, choose to make a positive difference.

I look forward to working with you and your children during the 2023-2024 school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me; our continued success is dependent on your feedback.

Wishing you all God's Blessings and all the best for the New Session!

     Yours sincerely,

   Fr. Vernon D'Souza 


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