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Information Tech. Club

The club’s mission is to promote knowledge of Information Technology throughout
seminars, workshops, website of data, also to organize training skills and finally to
help the student’s community at St.Mary's Campus by providing free services in the
Information Technology field. The IT Club shall use ways and means to expand and enrich
the knowledge among not only its members but also to all students who are interested in
the innovations in information technology.


The club benefit children in a number of ways. When children are involved in computer-
related clubs, they establish job skills that they will need in their future careers,
according to Education World. Children also remain up-to-speed in the ever-progressing
world of technology. School club members can take part in a variety of computer


  • Digital Photography

Digital photography activities give youth the chance to take a wide array of photos and
then edit these photos on the computer. Encourage the students to take pictures of
people and landscapes. Once in the computer lab, have each student download his photos
and begin the editing process. If the school computers aren't capable of editing photos,
then try websites such as Picnik that allow visitors to edit their photos. Cropping,
altering the contrast of the photo and distorting the overall image are just a few ways
students can edit a photo.

  • Social Media

Social media is growing in popularity, and many youth and adults nationwide use social
media to market a business or organization or to simply communicate. Teach children in
the school computer club to use social media in a positive way. After obtaining
permission with the principal, have them create a school Facebook page or Twitter
account. Ensure the students only post positive images and comments, and encourage them
to update events, details and photographs related to school happenings.


  • Create a Presentation

A way for computer club members to demonstrate the concepts and skills they have learned
is to create their own presentations for other students in the school. Teachers can help
by giving the students access to the equipment they need and providing support as
needed. Students can find a suitable space for the assembly, gather the projectors and
video players they will need and create a compelling presentation that includes
animation, audio and visual elements.

In the Co Curricular Activities 2021 the club organised an intra School I.T. Event
in which students participated in anarray of events such as Gaming,Programming, Photography,Presentations, Web Desigining.

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