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Last Date of Submission 5th January 2018

  • Gas Agency Management System

The Gas Agencies and the number of gas users are seem to increasing day by day. The transactions like booking gas, releasing gas, keeping records of all customers, etc. when being processed manually take up a lot of time and thus add to the problems of the management.The software would be able to solve the problem which aeries in the middle level or higher level of Gas Organization where several bills are to be made simultaneously. There would be chances of several mistakes while preparing invoice like calculation or within wrong addresses, date, bill no., etc.

Objective of this software is to computerize the manual system of a Gas Agency, so that all the transactions become fast and easy. It replaces all the paper work. It works according to the need and lowers the workload of user.

Objective of the program is rather simple .It provides easy management of transaction that are regular in a business concerned for which it have been developed. It’s provides an easy navigation menu which a layman user can also use. Eg : Add, Delete  , Modify, Search , View Etc.

  • Electronic Voting System

Through ballet voting the people elect their representatives in the past days but it was a time consuming process for the counting the votes.Due to the development of electronic technology there is a need of an electronic voting to meet the growing requirements. 

The main menu screen of the system consists of details regarding the Administrative Menu - voters list management (Add , Delete, Modify, Search and View) and the Candidates Management(Add , Delete, Modify, Search and View) .The other options of the main menu are for starting the voting process and ending the voting process, View the Result. 

Objective of the program is rather simple .It provides easy management of Voting System.

  • Police Station FIR System

The main aim of developing Police FIR Management System is to give Computerized complaints to the police and try to book FIR on accused persons in respective police station .

The Menu should provide the following Information to the Officials : 

  • FIR Registered for a given month

  • Criminal History of a Person

  • Total Crime Registered for the given Year

  • Total Number of Cases Resolved

  • Total Number of Cases Pending

  • Officer In charge of a Case

  • Medical Store Billing System

This is a project for medical store Billing system. In this project you can keep details of medicines and Billing of the sold medicines .You can add,edit, delete and search the record of Medicines. 

Whole project is completely based on file handling all the record are store in file. You learn how to store the data ,editing data, searching data and deleting data using file. You can see the following feature in this projects.

1. Medicine (Add ,Delete , Display , Search, Update)
2. Bill (Print the Bill for a Customer)

3. Exit

  • Lab Attendance System

This is another Management project which is suitable for school or college mini project. It is written in c++ language.  It is console application without graphics. Whole project is completely based on file handling , all the student’s record are store in file. You learn how to store the data, editing data, searching data and deleting the data using file. Following features can be found in this project which is listed below.

1. Create The Student's File
2.List the Student's File
3.Insert new entry
4.Delete an entry
5.Edit an entry
6.Search a record
7.Sort the Student's List

8. Search For Student's Attendance for a Given Month

9. Exit

  • Student is expected to work on any ONE TOPIC suggested above. The work should be carried out by individual.

  • The Project should be well presented and well documented in a Project File. 

  • Individual Project File should be submitted.

  • The Program Code should be HAND WRITTEN. Student can take the printouts for Cover Page, Certificate , Acknowledgement , Introduction , Output and other pages.

  • Xerox Copies of the Project will not be accepted and Zero Marks will be awarded for the same.

  • Project Files (Clipped Files) should be Used to file the Project Papers.

  • CD containing the Program Code , Data Base File should be submitted Along with the Project file. 

  • Write Your Board Roll Number and Name on CD and Project File.

  • Project should be submitted before the Last date of Submission and student will not be entertained after the Last date.

  • Please Download the Following Example Project.


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