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Teachers' Day & St.Mary's Day Celebrations

Teachers’ Day was celebrated on Friday, 5th September in school with great fervour. The Student Council and the Students, who had been preparing for the grand day for more than a week, organised a great show dedicated to their teachers. It came out as a pleasant surprise for the teachers when the students organized various events for them as a token of affection, respect and gratitude.The day buzzed with excitement and smiles all around.

The Junior students commenced the assembly by bringing everyone’s attention to the immense importance of teachers and the role they play in children’s lives.Ramp walk, Music engulfed everyone with a graceful dance performance by the students of different Houses.

Fr.David Vincent (Secretary) and Fr. P.Raj (Principal) paid floral tributes to the portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Mother Teresa.

Fr. David in his address said, teaching is the best vocation in the world. There is a teacher behind every successful person and it is the only profession which gives rise to all other professions. A person’s life is incomplete without a teacher who not only teaches him textbook education but also inculcates leadership qualities, self confidence, enthusiasm, positivity and courage to deal with any difficult situation in life, he added.

Principal Fr. P . Raj said teachers play the most important role in nation building by providing quality education to the students on whose shoulders lies the onus of raising a strong and developed society.

It was an opportunity for several students to express their gratitude and respect for their teachers.

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