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Annual Prize Nite 2024 (Senior Block)

The Annual Prize Night, held on 29-Jun-2024, was a grand celebration of our students' achievements and hard work throughout the year. The event took place at Multipurpose Hall, starting at 4:30 PM, and was attended by students, parents, teachers, and special guests. The Chief Gust of the Event was Prof. Goutam Sutradhar ( Dir. NIT , Jamshedpur) and Guest of Honour was Fr. Edward J. Saldanha (Manager). The night was filled with excitement, pride, and inspiration as we recognized the outstanding performances and contributions of our students in various fields.

A special highlight of the evening was the presentation of this year's edition of the school magazine, FRAGRANCE. The magazine, a culmination of the hard work of our students and staff, was officially unveiled by Chief Guests, Principal, Vice Principal and Teacher Ashok Pandey.


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