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May Day Celebrations 2024

May 1st is celebrated as International Labour Day. This day has its origin from the Labour Union Movement in the U.S. This day which marks the celebrations of the working class and the laborer's has put an end to their exploitation and unfair treatment.

St. Mary's English High School celebrated this day by paying respect to the support staff who work for the School. The function started with welcoming of support staff and acknowledging their hard work followed by lighting of the lamp by Principal Fr. Vernon D'Souza , Fr. Edward Saldanha (Manager), Vice Principal Fr. Alex Darwin , and Support Staff.

On this occasion, Principal Fr. Vernon Herman D'Souza , praised the ceaseless efforts of the workforce of the school and thanked them for their selfless services. Students of Junior Block showcased a Special Dance Drama based on the life of a support staff and their struggles. 

Support Staff were overwhelmed by the love and affection showed to them through the function .They expressed their gratitude towards the school management, teachers and students for their efforts.

School Management and students felicitated the support staff with a small token of love.


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