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Orientation for Class XI - 2023

The school organized an orientation programme for the new batch of class XI on April 01, 2023. The principal Rev. Fr. Vernon Herman D'Souza, Manager Rev. Fr. Edward Saldanha, Vice Principal Sr. Seema Minz and Teachers welcomed the freshers and their parents.

The two years of senior secondary being the starting point of one’s career, Fr. Vernon strongly motivated the students and explained about the various competitive career paths and importance of goal setting in student life. He advised that students to make an intelligent choice of subjects based mainly on individual capacity and skills and not their whims or peer pressure. Fr. Vernon explained the facets one must consider while considering the science stream. A curiosity to learn, rigorous practice and unrelenting hard work were prerequisites for any child to excel in this stream.

Mr. Ashok Pandey then took over from the Principal to explain the regulations governing the functioning of the senior section.

Overall, the orientation programme served as an important interface for the students, their parents and the school authorities to connect and plan for the upcoming academic session at St. Mary's English High School.


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