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Welcoming of Class XI Students (Freshers Nite 2023)

A freshers’ Nite 20203 for the students of class XI was organized by class XII at St. Mary's English High School Senior Block. The purpose of the event was to welcome the freshers to the St. Mary's family and to ignite their minds and enrich their souls to form forever lasting bonds and be ready to give life to opportunities. The freshers were accorded a cordial welcome by the class XII students. The freshers got a chance to bond with their seniors and also showcase their exquisite talents.

The programme kickstarted with the games , sashaying down the ramp, looking glamourous in their ethereal attires. Based on the performance in the initial rounds, the finalists from each category moved to the elimination round. The last and final round was the question and answer round, in which the contestants had to prove that they were persons with beauty and brains. Amid much apprehension and bated breath, the results were announced. The Chief Guests of the events were Fr. Vernon D'Souza(Principal) and Fr. Alwin (Vicar General of Jamshedpur diocese).


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