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On June 21st, 2024, St. Mary's English High School celebrated the International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. The event attended by Principal, Teachers and Students. The celebration began with a special morning assembly where the Principal – Fr. Vernon D’Souza addressed the students, highlighting the significance of Yoga Day and emphasized the importance of incorporating yoga into daily life and maintaining harmony between the body and mind.

The program kicked off with warm-up exercises, during which all teachers and students actively participated. Priyanshu of class XI and Jhanvi of class VII demonstrated various asanas (postures) and breathing exercises, with explanations of their significance.

The Yoga Day celebration was a success, leaving a lasting impact on students. The event not only educated participants about the benefits of yoga but also fostered a sense of communal harmony and well-being.

The event’s success can be attributed to the meticulous planning, active participation, and the dedication of the organizing team members :- Tr. Jasbinder Kaur , Tr. Richa Sachdeva , Tr. Reeta Bhusal.


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